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"You are perfect to me"

I just want to be perfect


To look perfect

To write perfect(ly)

To play the piano perfect

To be the perfect friend


But no matter how hard I try

I always fall short

I get to the finish line

And then the line moves farther

It’s never enough


I am tired

And frustrated

And angry…

At myself


I can’t understand why anyone would like me

Or especially love me

All I can see are my flaws


I feel like I’m running

And running

And running

But I am so tired

And it is never enough






I know the things to do

Except I can’t

Because my brain is yelling at me



So I try to rewrite the script

Tell my head a new story

Accept it

And sometimes it works


But today it wasn’t

And for that I am sad

I will never be enough…

But I guess I’m perfect at that


I have a perfect score at not being perfect

And for today, that’s got to be enough

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