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Ms. Orvis’ blog shows a passionate understanding of the challenges of overcoming mental illness.  She writes about her personal experiences and shares the path she took to lead a better life.  I recommend her blog to anyone interested in hearing more about what’s possible if you simply refuse to give up.

 Kevin, Michigan Representative

Liz is a beacon of light to everyone she encounters. Her writing is real, vulnerable, and authentic, sharing her experiences with mental health. She gives all of us hope to keep going & remember that we are never alone. Her determination and passion for mental health advocacy is unmatched. I am honored to know her and have the privilege of witnessing her journey. She embodies the message that we all can do hard things! I urge you to read and share her story widely. 

Shelley Bultje, LMSW


Liz aims to raise understanding and compassion about mental illness in her blog. Liz's ability to articulate her own lived experience with mental illness is powerful and galvanizes the reader to take action that will promote enhanced and expanded mental health care for people everywhere. I greatly admire how Liz writes with honesty and am inspired by her fortitude and unrelenting sense of purpose. 

Anna Sackett Rountree, Clubhouse International


"The insight and wisdom that Liz brings to her writing are refreshing. Her big heart and love for people make her words beautifully relevant and transforming to anyone willing to read them. I appreciate the heart of grace that is beautifully portrayed throughout her writing." 

Kelly Hawkins, LifeCare Christian Center


Accessible and informative, Liz shares her experiences and insights straight from her heart. By combining her gift for writing with a pure authenticity, she lets the reader see her humanity. That gift of bare humanity is an invaluable tool for building rapport with one’s audience and the necessary trust that a person really wants to help other’s who are dealing with similar struggles. Liz’s mission and vision are clearly that: To share her own journey in the hopes it can help others. And she most certainly succeeds.   

Eric Austin Attard, PsyD
Perceptions LLC

Liz's blog entries are incredibly special.  She has a gift of making very complex situations and emotions clear and relatable.  Liz shares her experiences in a way that is freeing for her, but also lets the readers know that they are not alone -- there is someone out there who has been there and understands.  Liz shares her stories with humor, grace, and triumph.  She never gives up, and that determination is passed on to the readers.  After reading Liz's blogs, it feels that nothing is impossible...even if it takes more than one attempt.  I believe her blogs will make a amazing difference for so many.

Jen Cutler, Educator

Liz brings her readers through her ups and downs, her challenges and triumphs, and her fears and aspirations connected to living with serious mental illness in a way that is both approachable and deeply heartfelt. In easy to digest chapters she helps us understand the pain of living with Bipolar and OCD, and her experiences, both positive and negative, with many of the tools and treatments currently available. If you are living with a mental illness and feeling alone, read this book. If you are struggling to understand a loved one with a mental health diagnoses, read this book. If you are a health provider or policy maker, please read this book. 

Summer M Berman, LMSW

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