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When Men Plan, God Laughs

When (wo)men plan, God laughs (a Yiddish parable)


It is absolutely unreal how much I underestimated how much time, effort, and money goes into publishing a professional book.  For some reason I thought I would right it, a few people would look at it, and it would be a book!  Oh Mylanta was I wrong.

There have been so many obstacles…greatly in part because of the mental and physical issues of myself and my team.  I was so sure I would have it out by January, and now we’re looking at July.  It’s probably good.  In the last few months I have had a mania, then bronchitis, then a mania, then bronchitis, then a super depression and a throat infection at the same time.  There is no way I could have sold and advertised and signed books.  So maybe this is for the best.

I’m not sure why I put these deadlines on myself. My best friend kept telling me not to, but I pretty much never listen to her despite the fact that she is correct about 93% of the time, and loves me very much.  I am stubborn and have bad OCD.  That’s just where we’re at.

SO, I’m chilling out.  I’m realizing that this book is all going to happen in God’s timing and that there is very little I can do about it.  I am going to take the weekend to do anything I can with it, and then I am going hands-off.  Trusting my formatter that she will walk me past the finish line.

It is hard to trust other people at times, but I trust my team so much, so it’s a great time to practice.

And so, look for my book, coming out….eventually 😊  I will send out postcards with the date and time of the release/signing, so if you don’t get my Christmas cards and want one, shoot me your email.  (  But don’t worry, it will be on my blog as well.

Thank you so much for being patient with me.  I really believe that God gave me this mission, and that this is just the beginning of decreasing disparity, removing the stigma, and teaching loved ones what they need to know to be as supportive as possible, and I will fight to make this happen…on God’s time.

Get excited, good things are coming!

With love, Liz

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