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Slimy Poem

Dirty things are rough for sure

And exposure is the only cure

But I don't want to touch what’s slimy

It makes me feel all gross and grimy

Raw chicken, lotion, and handmade bread

I'd rather be struck by some lightning instead

But I won't give up, I will take them face on

I'll feel the anxiety, but be relieved when it's gone

When I do get dirty my brain kicks on

It tells me I am satan's spawn

I didn't even know what that could mean

But after looking it up, I want to be clean.

I don't know why it tricks me so

It lies about things I already know

But it's just so confusing, I fall in the trap

It wears me out so that I need a nap

But the last few days I gave it a try

And I was surprised that no one died

So I guess I'll keep trying, I'll do my best

And all my supports will help with the rest

So if you are struggling with various obsessions

And compulsions are causing anxiety or depression

Take it head on, just give it a go

And will it help? You never know

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