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I've Got the Music In Me

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

When I did ECT my memories were erased

Everything was new, each situation I faced

But then, over time, they started to come back

I started to realize just how much I had lacked

It started with memories from recent events

Things all around me finally started to make sense

I remembered more people, though some are still gone

I asked questions, studied pictures, I started to move on

Over time more came back, and filled up the holes

Reminded me of times when I had happier goals

I started to remember some times with my dad

Not just the hard stuff, but the good times we had

I remembered in high school, both dancing and swimming

I remembered in college, both struggling and winning

I remembered my teaching days, meeting my best friend

I remembered the times I thought depression would never end

But then I discovered some memories from all time

The memories were music, and they made me feel fine

The difference is music is in the heart, not the brain

So when other things left, the music stayed the same

Like “You’ll never walk alone”, how it totally changed my life

Like Sesame Street Songs, that helped end my strife

Like the “Penguin Cha Cha” from my 3-year-old dance

Like “Chicken Fat” from gym class, which I loved by chance

It’s amazing how music puts you on the right track

That once you can hear it, you never give it back

I’m grateful for memories that won’t go away

But I won’t do ECT again, no chance, no way

I’m definitely not saying that it won’t work for you

It works for many people when there’s nothing else to do

So if your doctor prescribes it, you might give it a chance

Do what’s best for you, just be warned in advance

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