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I’ve always been nervous, thought I didn’t deserve a lot But after many hospitalizations, I have become quite distraught When you’re locked up, your dignity is lost They’re keeping you safe, but there’s a significant cost They strip you down naked, search you from head to toe Whisper about you, like you really don’t know We don’t have gowns as big as you… We frankly don’t know what to do Their towels are small, they can’t really wrap around all the way You share a bathroom, but there isn’t “poop spray” You have to get permission to get your tooth brush and paste They give you hundreds of papers, what a terrible waste There’s so many ways that they put you down, strike your fears I BEG to come home, I am constantly in tears But right now that’s all that there is, there’s no choice And it makes it so clear that I must use my voice I promise to fight, to explain the horrors my using my words And I’ll keep on fighting until I’ve been heard!

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