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Celebrate the Good Times...And the Not So Good

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Life shouldn’t just

Be lived

It should be



The last twenty years have been a pretty much constant roller coaster – up and down, up and down. At first, I thought that I should only celebrate when things were going well. That when things are not going well, I am a failure. But after writing this book I realize there is so much to celebrate, even on the difficult days.

I celebrate getting out of bed and taking a shower

I celebrate working out, even if it’s less than an hour

I celebrate all the times that I smile through the tears

I celebrate the fact I’m still alive after all these years

I celebrate the fact I have had some amazing experiences in life

I celebrate my support team who help me minimize my strife

I celebrate my voice, and the chance to change the world

That I can face difficult situations without becoming unfurled

That I’m a wonderful person and an even better aunt

That I have people that help me survive when I think that I can’t

I celebrate God and all the blessings He’s given

I celebrate life, and all that’s worth livin’

I celebrate my mental illness because it has given me a reason

And I celebrate each experience, each and every new season

So if you take anything away from this book – at all

Let it remind you that you are not small

You are brave and smart and loved for who you are

And if you can get it in your head, it will help you go far

So please, get some help, if it is what you do need

You are worth it, and with assistance, you will see it indeed.

Celebrate each moment, the good and the rough

And then while you do, be so proud, show your stuff!

You are so worth it! Now go change the world!

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