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Body Image

I hate the way I am

I’m not my biggest fan

All my lumps and bumps

I feel like I have a hump

I’m so big I often cry

And sometimes I want to die

I constantly restrict what I eat

It’s a battle I just can’t defeat

I plan menus and buy healthy food

But then sometimes I’m not in the mood

I starve myself most of the day

Then eat junk and just throw it away

I yell at myself till I’m blue

I don’t know what else I can do

I exercise to punish myself

I obsess about my health

But I make no progress at all

The changes are all VERY small

I hate what these meds do to me

I wish I could live a life that’s free

Free of side effects that make me feel ill

That I could improve myself with only my will

But for now, I will just struggle on

Because I’m not ready for this life to be gone

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