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Blessed Beyond Measure

Some days are really hard.  Right now, a lot of days are really hard.  But I really had no idea how fortunate I was until I talked to a friend this week.

There have been times that I wished I hadn’t made so much during my working years.  I would qualify for Medicaid and free medical services.  I would qualify for reduced housing.  I would get a bridge card to help with food.  It seemed like such an easier life than I have.


But I was wrong.

My friends with mental illnesses that receive these services are suffering significantly compared to me.

I own a house.  It is hard to keep clean, it is half my income each month, and there are repairs at times, but I have a nice, safe, warm place to live.  Reduced housing often isn’t as clean, has more repairs needed, are in unsafe neighborhoods.  I can turn my heat up as high as I want, my friends are using lots of blankets.

I can get whatever groceries I need each week.  I can choose what I’m going to eat and buy the ingredients I need to make them.  My friends with bridge cards have to search for sales, or eat what they can find at a food pantry because it isn’t enough to make it through the month.

I always do grocery pickup or delivery, especially when I’m sick or tired.  My friends have to walk to and from a half mile to get their groceries or wait for up to twenty minutes for the bus when it is 2 degrees out without the wind chill.

I have a car. I got frustrated this week because I couldn’t get the windshield wipers unfrozen, but it beats the heck out of walking or biking or taking the but in this frigid cold.

My mom has to supplement my income quite a bit, but many people don’t have someone like that in their lives.

I am so blessed.

So blessed.

I have been fighting to be the voice of people with serious mental illness for over a year now, and I can’t believe how much more I learn every day.

I person living like this said, I hope you’re staying warm.

I am.  And I hope you are, too.

So blessed.

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