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Big Girls Don't Cry...Wait, What?! Yes They Do!

It can be quite confusing

When your aunt has a mental illness

She might be loud and crazy

Or overwhelmed by the stillness

Sometimes when you’re crying

She starts crying with you, too

Which might just make you laugh

Or you don’t know what to do

It definitely can be tricky

When your Aunt’s like no one you know

But it’s important to remember

Just to go with the flow!

Know that she always loves you

But some days don’t go as planned

But she always wants you to know

You can ask questions to understand

It’s true not everyone’s aunts

Burst into tears at the first-grade show

But if you’re having a rough day

She will support you and know

She always will be your Aunt Liz

Emotions are her superpower

And if it’s confusing right at this second

Don’t you worry, it will change in an hour!

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