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And So It Begins...

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Some how, I’m still alive.

There have been so many times, more than I can even count, that I wanted to die. That I wanted to give up. Was done. That I saw no hope at all.

Fortunately, I have an amazing support team. They got me through so many difficult times. They kept me alive. And you know what? Now I’m glad.

Some days I have no hope, but then other days I can’t stop dreaming.

I have been hospitalized sooo many times.

I have tried pretty much every possible combination of medicines.

I have tried every type of therapy and treatment.

But I’m alive. My team never gave up on me, and so I never gave up either.

If you have ever felt hopeless, if you know someone has, or if you just want to understand mental illness better, this is the book for you.

Read it. Feel it. Talk about it.

Together we will break the stigma. Together we will fight for equality. Together we will change the world.

Are you ready? Then turn the page.

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